[SHAB 2019/31] Stamrust badrum och kök, Mandolinen 1 och 2

Tender notice overview

Procurement number : SHAB 2019/31

Public notice: This is a public call for tenders. The final date for submitting tenders is 9/24/2019. Tenders must be valid until 11/24/2019. You can find more information by clicking Contract documents in the menu on the left and under the heading Create tender you can find information on how to submit your tender.
The deadline for submitting your tender is
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The procurement is carried out with procedure Simplified procedure.

The procuring organisation for this procurement is Sandvikenhus AB.
The place of execution is Gävleborgs län.

Category codes registered on this procurement include

44141100-1 - Elledningar
44163110-4 - Avloppsledningar
44163111-1 - Avloppsrör
44221200-7 - Dörrar
45211310-5 - Byggnation av badrum
45232150-8 - Arbeten för vattenledningar
45262660-5 - Asbestsaneringsarbete
45442100-8 - Målning
SE313 - Gävleborgs län

By registering interest in this procurement on the page registration you will receive notifications via email and can access updated contract documents. You can also notify the procurement officer if you decide to decline participation.