[SFF - 943/2018] SFF - Schemaläggning, närvaro- och frånvarosystem

Tender notice overview

Procurement number : SFF - 943/2018

Invitation for applications: To submit a tender for this procurement you first need to apply to submit tenders and get qualified. The final day for applications is 10/9/2019. You can find more information by clicking invitation for applications in the menu on the left.

The procurement is carried out with procedure Negotiated procedure.

The procuring organisation for this procurement is Helsingborgs stad.
The place of execution is Skåne län.

Category codes registered on this procurement include

31711310-9 - System för närvaroregistrering
35123300-5 - Närvarosystem
48330000-0 - Programvara för schemaläggning och produktivitet
48332000-4 - Programvara för schemaläggning
SE224 - Skåne län

By registering interest in this procurement on the page registration you will receive notifications via email and can access updated contract documents. You can also notify the procurement officer if you decide to decline participation.