[61] Test Beam Line

Tender notice overview

Procurement number : 61

Message about upcoming procurement: For this procurement there is a Specific Advance Notice. According to this notice the expected publication date of the contract documents is 6/28/2019 but please note that this date may change. You can view details about the upcoming procurement by clicking Specific Advance Notice in the menu on the left.

The estimated last day for submitting tenders is 8/30/2019. The estimated time for the start of the agreement period is 9/30/2019.

The procurement is carried out with procedure Undefined procedure.

The procuring organisation for this procurement is European Spallation Source ERIC.
The place of execution is Skåne län.

Category codes registered on this procurement include

SE224 - Skåne län
Cpv 2008 (EN)
44000000-0 - Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
44221400-9 - Shutters
45000000-7 - Construction work
45120000-4 - Test drilling and boring work
45121000-1 - Test drilling work
45421142-1 - Installation of shutters
71000000-8 - Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71220000-6 - Architectural design services
71221000-3 - Architectural services for buildings

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