[341] Heimdal Instrument Cave

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The product is the Heimdal Cave, a reinforced concrete structure, designed to shield against neutron and gamma radiation at the ESS in Lund, Sweden. A construction (the cave) is required around the sample position in order to both restrict access and to lower radiation levels at the ESS site. For a multitude of reasons, including magnetism, cost, activation and neutron background, concrete will be employed as the primary shielding medium. Additional gamma shielding, nominally steel, will then be used to line the roof hatch due to shielding “weaknesses” in the concrete at this point. The cave structure is designed access points and service penetrations. The project consists of the following: Products: (1) Cave structure, reinforced concrete, walls and roof slabs, sliding hatch (section 3) (2) Beam Stop, steel core inside concrete (section 3.7) (3) Person access points, one floor level and one sliding roof access (section 3.5, 3.8) Note: sliding mechanism for roof slap not part of this tender. (4) Service chicanes: Floor chicanes, Roof Chicanes, Hatch chicane (section 3.6, 3.10) Services: (7) Design Drawings: conceptual and detailed design (8) Project management: schedule, Preliminary meeting, milestones, Kick-off meeting, design review, FAT,SAT (section) (9) Delivery to ESS site (10) Construction and Installation and painting at ESS.

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