[343] Framework Agreement for Personal Gas Detectors

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ESS is required to investigate, carry out and follow up activities in such a way that ill health and accidents at work are prevented and a satisfactory working environment is achieved. One of the hazards identified for those working in certain areas on site is that of low oxygen. A number of measures have been identified to reduce the risk of exposure to reduced oxygen levels. One of these measures is the provision of personal gas monitors. ESS’s Environmental Safety & Health Division is managing the service to provide these monitors to those who need them. The scope of the tender is to establish a framework agreement with a single supplier for the provision of portable gas monitors to be worn by personnel whilst they carry out their activities onsite. OHS will evaluate the tender on not only monitor types that can measure the presence or absence of a single gas but also monitors that can measure for multiple gases simultaneously. The types of monitors to be included in this framework agreement are as follows; · Oxygen monitors, specifically monitors to alert the wearer that they are in an environment with depleted oxygen, Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) monitors. · Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) monitors to alert the wearer that they are in an environment with H₂S. · Hydrogen (H) monitors to alert the wearer that they are in an environment with Hydrogen. · Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors to alert the wearer that they are in an environment with elevated Carbon Monoxide. As ESS becomes fully operational, it looks to procure a large stock of monitors. They will be kept in continual use, with a certain number being recalled for calibration, by ESS, at a frequency defined by The Supplier. ESS will also keep a number of monitors as contingency in stock as spares. .

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