[400] Webshops for Electrical Equipment

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European Spallation Source ERIC.
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ESS wishes to conclude maximum 5 (five) agreements for webshops for Electrical Equipment. The duration of the Framework Agreements for the provision of Electrical Equipment is for a maximum period of 5 (five) years. This statement of work document together with the call for tender document and the draft Framework agreement, set the conditions and requirements relating to this call for tender. The scope of the webshop agreements includes acquisition of various Electrical Equipment as described below. Electrical Equipment for Infrastructure · Electrical Cabinets, Enclosures, Racks, Boxes & Accessories. · Cable Entry Systems · Cable Raceway Systems (Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Mesh Trays & Ducts) · Cables for Power, Control & Communication. · Grounding equipment. · Light fittings Electrical Equipment for Automation · Terminals & Terminal Boards. · Connectors. · Push Buttons and Selector switches. · Indicator Lights and Acoustic Alarm Units. · Power Supply Units. · Relays and Contactors. · Motor Control Equipment (Motor Starters, Overload Protection & Soft Starters). · Pneumatics. (Solenoid Valves, Valve Blocks, Actuators & Pneumatic Lines). · Electronic Devices (Signal Conditioners, Transmitters & Barriers. · Frequency Converters. · Electronic Fuses/Overload Protection Devices. Electrical Equipment for Power Supply · Switch Disconnectors & Switch Fuses. · Supply Disconnectors. · Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers & Fuses. · Residual Current Devices. · UPS-Systems. · Power Distribution Busbars. Beside the ESS research facility, the ESS will have numerous other locations around Lund, Sweden. These areas will be used by visiting scientists, users, and staff in order to conduct scientific research. The tenderer should offer a high level of availability and short delivery time in order to minimize the need for ESS to maintain stocks. .

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Category codes
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Cpv 2008 (EN)
Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting
Cpv 2008 (EN)
Electrical circuit components
Cpv 2008 (EN)
Electrical equipment and apparatus
Cpv 2008 (EN)
Electrical components
Cpv 2008 (EN)
Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits

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