51 - Engineering Operations Centre (EOC) Reverberation Test Chamber Market survey notice

Preliminary publication of specification is 10/6/2022,
The SKAO requires radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test chambers to be able to qualify telescope related equipment according to the SKA RFI/EMC Standard threshold levels [AD1]. The Test Facilities will be housed at the Engineering Operations Centres (EOCs) in both the SKA-LOW and SKA-MID host countries (South Africa and Australia). Accurate testing and qualification of all equipment bound for each site means that the radio-quietness of these locations is maintained, therefore a testing facility as well as equipment and additional office rooms are required .
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46 - MID SPFRx 123 Qualification notice

Last date for application 9/29/2022 (23:59:59 CET), the notice is published between 9/8/2022 and 9/29/2022.
The SKAO will procure, in accordance with the SKAO Procurement Policy and Procedures, a MID SPFRx 123 Contract from Sweden. The Single Pixel Feed Receiver (SPFRx) is a key performance-determining part of the SKA Mid telescope and its main functions are digitisation and conditioning of the RF output signals from Single Pixel Feeds (SPF), and forwarding the data to the Central Signal processor (CSP). The SPFRx consists of three main modules which are the RXS123 (Receiver Sampler Band123), RXS45 (Receiver Sampler Band45) and RXPU (Receiver Pedestal unit). The RXS123 is mounted on the SKA MID Dish Indexer while the RXPU is mounted inside the SKA MID Dish Pedestal. SKAO seeks to enter into a NEC4 Engineering Construction Contract (ECC) with a Contractor to perform Industrialisation and manufacture of 144 SPFRx123 units plus spares and related external cables, based on the designs from SKAO. The Contractor will subcontract the SPFRxRXPU manufacturing and delivery to an entity based in Switzerland. The manufacture and supply of the units will be in batches and will be aligned with the SKAO rollout plan. Link to Industry Event = Passcode: Mm3Tfb*5
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