Private sector

Private companies rarely publish their procurements openly, although many of them have realised the value to sometimes open for more competition and attracting new suppliers.

On the following supplier portals, you can find procurements from private companies using Kommers. On these portals you will also manage selective invitations, Q&A, contract signing, price lists, order confirmation and invoices. The functionality depends on the customer’s license.


Kommers Annons - Entry

Kommers eNtry is a web service for procurement and purchasing in private companies that want to quickly streamline their operations and gain control of the organization's purchasing. The supplier portal Kommers Annons / eNtry is a free service for suppliers who want to be able to receive inquiries, submit tenders, upload price lists, receive orders, confirm orders, confirm delivery and invoice. Procurements are not normally public.

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Kommers Annons - Lindex

Lindex uses Kommers Annons primarily for orders and targeted procurements.

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Kommers Annons - LKAB

LKAB procures in the machine and mining industry and uses both targeted procurements and public advertisements.

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Kommers Annons - OKQ8

OK-Q8 AB and its marketing companies use Kommers Annons primarily for orders and targeted procurements.

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Kommers Annons - Riksbyggen

Riksbyggen ekonomisk förening uses Kommers Annons for procurement, web surveys and price list management.

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Kommers Annons - Svevia

Svevia builds and manages roads, bridges and facilities for the Swedish Transport Administration, municipalities and industries. Svevia uses Kommers Annons for both public and targeted procurements as well as for direct orders and calls for existing agreements.

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Kommers Annons - Veidekke

The Veidekke Group uses Kommers for handling contract projects, procurements and agreements. Production has started in Sweden.

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Einar Mattsson

Kommers Annons - Einar Mattsson

Einar Mattsson AB and its companies use Kommers Annons primarily for targeted procurements.

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