[11956] IT-konsulttjänster - Dynamiskt inköpssystem (DIS)

Tender notice overview

Upphandlingens nummer
Place of execution
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The procurement is carried out with procedure
Dynamic purchasing system
Procuring organisation
Ovanåkers Kommun
Tender notice

Public notice: This is a public call for applications.

Upphandlingen syftar till att täcka Hälsinglands kommuners och deras bolags behov av konsulttjänster inom IT, eller med anknytning till IT, genom ett Dynamiskt Inköpssystem (DIS).

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You can find more information by clicking Application documents in the menu on the left and under the heading Create application you can find information on how to submit your application.

This procurement allows ongoing application opening, this means that the procurer can open your application immediately after submission. This also means that you will not be able to withdraw your application. However, it is possble to submit several applications.

This procurement allows multiple applications, you may create and submit multiple applications.

Category codes
IT-tjänster: konsultverksamhet, programvaruutveckling, Internet och stöd
Gävleborgs län

By registering interest on the page registration you will receive notifications via e-mail if changes occur. You can also notify the procurement officer if you decide to decline participation.